What’s up everyone my name is bEEDON and I currently reside in the Inland Empire in Southern California. I have been DJing since 2009 and my love for music started around age 10, when I began to learn how to play percussion in elementary school. Soon after that, I began to self-teach myself and learn how to shred on the drums and guitar and rocked out in garages and bedrooms. It was not soon after that until I started twisting knobs, controlling faders, and dropping the Bass as I learned to DJ while exiting high school.

With previous knowledge of music, beat counting, and rhythm, DJing came a lot easier to me. I quickly learned to mix different music genres from Electronic, to Hip Hop, to Spanish Music, to various Old school generes. However, my passion for mixing resides in Electronic Dance Music because my ears crave bass to survive. I began to buy necessary gear with money saved up from crappy part-time jobs to get me to where I am today. I currently work a part-time job and go to full-time college Computer Information Systems. Nonetheless, I plan to spin records until I’m in a wheel chair and keep the bass flowing!